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We Teach Physics Concepts And Focus On 100% Target In Physics Exam.

Why students are worried about physics, it happened because student are not focusing on physics concepts and they try to mug up the physics lessons which cannot be possible.

What Kumar sir do, He teaches you the physics concepts considering the base of Resnik Halliday and h c Verma, and progressively you try to understand the basis of physics and consequently started solving physics problems.

For example, if you don't know the vector, then he starts explaining you first with modulus method them come to the i,j,k components and finally with DOT and Cross Product.

And Similarly, if you cant make free body diagram then he will explain you first how to make a free body diagram then come to the two and three pulleys then tell you the quick solving technique CALLED JUGAD TO DO QUESTION IN One Minute.



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Mr Kumar has been successfully teaching Physics for students appearing for Class XI and Class XII as well as preparation for highly competitive exams such as Medical, NEET, I.I.T, SAT, IB. With more than 20 years experience he has become a synonym for training Physics topper among the top Schools in Delhi, Gurgaon And Noida.  Through the years with continued success, Kumar sir has grown credibility and much sought by parents. Students come from extremely reputed homes study in a school like Modern, Vasant Valley, DPS Vasant Kunj, Delhi public school Rkp, DPS Mathura road, Gd Goenka, Blue Bells, Pathways etc. Kumar sir teaches Physics topic wise, he picks one topic then grilled that topic according to the level of the student so that student feel comfortable in dealing with all problems related to those topics. Besides that, there is a proper test in that topic and it keeps on repeating until the student becomes perfect depending upon his/her requirements This method works well and appreciated by parents. Kumar Sir is already teachings students of pathways, Shriram, Gdgoenka, Sanskriti, Delhi public school etc. parents review you can check on google. Location 01141032244 

Best Physics Tutor In Delhi Kumar Physics Classes E-281, Basement, E Block Main Road, Greater Kailash Part - 2, New Delhi, Delhi 110048 099584 61445   Location 01141032244

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Join Kumar Sir And leave your tension for physics to Kumar sir, Physics Is very conceptual subject one must be very much through for teaching the don't rely on tom and jerry type of tutor for the sake of your satisfaction give your ward to professional hand and have the patience for few months result come automatically.  one should understand the basics concept very thoroughly  if one's concept is not cleared, then it is difficult to understand the next concept   For Example, if one's concept for free body diagram for newtons law is not clear, then it is tough to understand rotational motion concept for Torque.  similarly, if the Kirchoff's law for current electricity is not clear, then one cannot be able to solve the potentiometer problem.  So be wise,  choose a tutor who should be qualified and tested. And one thing I am going to tell you there is no difference in the preparation of physics exam for CBSE PHYSICS and IIT/NEET PHYSICS, The Basic concept is same, but the only difference is the application base question which is much more difficult in IIT/NEET.  Contact Kumar Sir For Any Type Of Difficulty In Physics - 9958461445 

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 Understand the importance of physics is crucial for solving physics problems. Don't try to mug up mathematical concepts that lead you in an awkward position and one will not be able to answer physics problems. Understand the concepts and think your self why it has happened, create logic and register that thought in your mind then one will never forget. Why we study? Study with full responsibility, obey your parents and do what they say to you they are the well-wisher of yours. Buy Basic fundaments physics books and spare some time to go through it before going to the class. Still, If You do not understand the physics concepts  call Kumar sir 


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One of the most booming Physics tutors, Mr Kumar  is an equivalent for the perfectionist in guiding students towards making a smooth transition from basic to advance level. Mr Kumar has the 20+ years continuous teaching experience in preparing students for their class XII board and competitive exams. He has a profound knowledge of Physics basic fundamentals and offers expert insights for students in their homes. He has been faculty to top Institute Aakash Institutes, Narayana IIT/NEET Academy Delhi to be among the top competitive tutors in the Delhi NCR.

Tricks For Solving Physics Problem For NEET/IIT Physics In 30 Seconds

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Suppose You Are Studying with FIITJEE AAKASH OR VMC And Not able to get good marks in physics in their AIATS OR QUIZ OR WEEKLY TEST, Come To Kumar sir and clear your physics doubts as per your requirement  CBSE/NEET/IIT PHYSICS CLASSES AS PER YOUR NEED KUMAR PHYSICS CLASSES E 281 BASEMENT M BLOCK MAIN ROAD GREATER KAILASH 2 NEW DELHI  9958461445,01141032244 


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Are You Planning To Drop A Year For IIT/NEET

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We Are Expert In Teaching Physics For Drop Out And Regain Their Confidence

Why Wait If you are planning to drop one more year due to poor performance in physics neet exam 2019.

 Don't WORRY, start studying physics from today for the next year for neet 2020,  hire professional who can build your base with basic concepts of physics and who can teach you step by step physics and proceed to an extreme level. 

For that, come and meet Mr Kumar Professional physics mentor who can build your confidence to the extreme level so that your performance can be enhanced. What he does, he tries to complete full physics course of class 11 and class 12 physics up to NEET/IIT level in coming five months and sometimes less than that and put you in the testing mode of physics. Call Kumar sir instantly and join him as soon as possible. You can also visit his site for profile and preparation tips. 

Physics Classes For Drop Out Or Dummy School Students

Do All Mcq's From AAKASH AND ALLEN  package With Kumar Sir

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Best Physics Classes In Delhi Ncr

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 Study  Physics As Much As Possible if you are a science student in class 11,12. Clear your physics concept thoroughly and do many physics numericals of each chapter. First, go through Physics NCERT Then do H C VERMA And Irodov still, you are facing problem? Contact Kumar Sir-Physics Tutor 


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Physics Tutor In Vasant Kunj

 I'm Namanyay Goel from DPS Vasant Kunj, started studying Kumar Sir for my class 12th boards.

While I previous scored 70 or 80 marks in my half-yearly and preboard exams and always had a fear of the subject, studying with Kumar sir only in the span of 4-5 short months enabled me to score 99 marks in my board exams.

I attribute my success in the paper solely to Kumar sir, who not only gave excellent notes and assignments for all chapters, but also explained all confusing concepts in an engaging and fun way.

Highly recommend this institute for all students having problems with Physics, Kumar sir will make them go away for sure.

Ibrahim Ilmi-Dps Vasant Kunj

Best Physics Tutor In Delhi NCR

 Sir truly has in-depth and thorough understanding  of the subject . His explanations and pedagogy are  excellent. He works hard with every student and enables one to reach the pinnacle of one's  potential.

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