Impressive Results 2013

  • Shalini Kakaar (DPS R K PURAM)-99%
  • Yash Vardhan Khullar (G D GOENKA)-98%
  • Jai Rajghira (G D GOENKA)-98%
  • Sahil Srivastava (DPS VASANT KUNJ)-98%
  • Aprajita Juneja (DPS R K PURAM)-98%
  • Mughda Sharma (DPS R K PURAM)-98%
  • Yaman Arora (Army Public School)-95%


Quality Teaching

Mr. Kumar delivers quality education and home tuition for
CBSE ICSE, Class XI, XII, IIT Mains, NEET, IP, BITS, SAT-2, IB, IGCSE, AP Physics Courses

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About Mr. Kumar

Mr. Kumar ,a graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. I have been a faculty of IIT-JEE Physics for seven years in various institutes like FIIT JEE,AAKASH etc. In my eighteen years of experience , I have become acquainted with the problems encountered by the students during the long and rigorous process of preparation. hence, this seminal website of mine is intended not just to provide questions and solutions to physics problems.


What We Do

Mr Kumar try to make physics as easy as playing ball and pave students to succeed in competetive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, AIPMT, other state level engineering & Medical entrance examinations. Our goal is to unearth the hidden talent in students & make them stronger in fundamentals and more competitive. MR KUMAR creates an environment that inspires students to recognise & explore their own potentials, build up confidence in themselves and nourish their minds for a bright and enterprising future.
it is physics unique classes provides its innovative ways of learning physics. its unique Physics Course provides complete preparation for academic physics for students studying in Class XI & XII. Not only this Kumar sir is also dedicated in bringing out the talents amongst the meritorious students by providing scholarship.
It delivers education in physics in such a way that students realise use of physics in their daily life and though understanding and learning physics becomes easier. The environment at kumar physics classes gives the students liberty to learn physics, play physics and enjoy physics.
It is a unique institute of Physics in India which wraps its course material in the easiest way possible so that students feel easy to grasp the subject matter. Students learn physics by realising the fundamental concepts not by rote.
KUMAR sir improvises the learning and understanding capabilities through its unique Reading Skills, Note Making Skills, Fast Revision Techniques and by boosting up the Imagination Power held inside every student. It believes and explores a fact that "Every child is special and talent inside them is hidden somewhere, someone has to help them to explode."


During selections to the National Institutes of Technology, a candidate’s board score receives a 40 per cent weightage and their JEE Main score a 60 per cent weightage. Hence one need to get very good score in CBSE (ABOVE 95 % MARKS ).
In order to improve your CBSE score He/She should clear all the basic concept of physics And learn physics step by step with the proper approach as per CBSE curriculum and get more marks in PHYSICS so that one's overall score will improve.


Do your PHYSICS tests look like they are written in a foreign language? Are you tired of not getting the grades that you want? Are you worried about how to score high on the SAT and get into your dream college all while managing too many AP and honors courses? I know that upper level PHYSICS courses may seem intimidating at first but a little bit of hard work and tutoring with me will get you the grade that you want.
Mr. Kumar teach you effective study skills and how to budget your time. I can help you plan out your high school career if you are just beginning or help you tackle the college application process. I have been working with students for several years at both the high school and college level. I have excelled in my own AP and college level courses, and I know how to teach you what you need to know to perform in the classroom.Mr kumar teaches one-on-one, online or small group tutoring to IB students in Delhi.
He is known for excellence in IB physics tuition to students and his students perform very well in IB physics.He are highly experienced IB/IGCSE physics tutors and provide best result all over Delhi. He also helps in IB lab reports by editing it or giving suggestion to students for improvements in lab by following all criterias and guidelines. He has one center in (GREATER KAILASH -2)National capital region (India) providing face to face tuition in academy either one to one or in group.
He provides help in IGCSE, 'O' level, A level physics for CIE as well as edexcel curricuulum. He helps a lot of students in UK by providing online tutoring with help of skype for voice chat and whiteboard for writing purpose.We help in AP physics B and AP physics C for collegeboard exam by reviewing all syllabus in little time either online or face to face by providing sufficient materials to students. His past results are best all over the Delhi as none of our student has got less tha 5 in AP Physics exam.
he builds up confidence and sufficient intellect power in students for competative exams .Whether you're a homeschooling student in need of online resources, or just in need of a little tutoring to help you review material covered in your class, you'll find lots of resources here.
You have solved your physics question but you are not getting the correct answer or you have some idea but you are not sure or it's all messed up and you have no idea how to start with it. Don't worry. Mr Kumar will not only provide you with a step by step solution but also explain where you went wrong while solving the question and what physics concept has been used in that question.
Mr kumar therefore take care of student's level of understanding and are structured in a way that student will not just know how to solve a particular problem but also learn the associated concept that he/she might be struggling with in the past. Mr Kumar's work doesn't finish after providing the solution. He provides full support to student's queries or doubts regarding the solution provided till he/she understands it completely He helps in SAT II physics exam and try our best that student should get perfect score. He has links to the best resources and notes that will help you ace your SAT II physics and getting perfect score.